2 States

I took some time getting roud to reading it, but now that i have read it, i found the book quite nice. At places its hilarious, at places brings out the struggle of the people trying to overcome stereotypes about others who are different from us, culturally, or in any other way. At the same time, the humour in the book comes from these stereotypes.

Rather than stereotypes, we could look at them as caricatures. What i liked particularly the idiosyncracies of individuals which are then projected as traits of the species. What comes to mind is Krish’s wedding where the bride’s uncles are passing around copies of The Hindu (after all, the most popular newspaper in Chennai), and the groom’s uncle passing around strips of Saridon (a hangover from the drinking of the previous evening). And then of course, the drinking and dancing … Punjabbiyaan noo te nachchan da bahanna chaahida e! Punjabis just need an excuse to dance. Whats hilarious is how these caricatures bring out the contrasts of two sets of people very different from each other, but as Mr. Hindu-addict Grumpyswamy says …

Yes, the Tamilian in me is a little disappointed. But the Indian in me is quite happy. And more than anything, the human being in me is happy. After all, we’ve decided to use this opportunity to create more loved ones for ourselves.

And the fitting reply from Rajji Mama …

Ladies and gentlemen of Tamil Nadu, thnak you very much. Now we invite you to some Punjabi-style dancing with the DJ at the backside.

With more than a little bit of alcohol lubricating the dance steps.

I did particularly like Rajji Mama, Sarita Massi, and definitely Mr. Hindu-addict Grumpyswamy. What do you say … Kirron Kher for Krish’s Mom, Neetu Singh for Shipra Massi, Rishi Kapoor for Krish’s Dad, Pavan Malhotra for Rajji Mama, Anant Mahadevan for Ananya’s Dad? Sounds like could make a nice movie? Suggestions for Ananya’s Mom’s role? Go on, write your comments …

2 Comments on “2 States”

  1. Manu says:

    Manoj Pahwa would suit more for Rajji Mama πŸ™‚
    Btw you have conveniently ignored the leads πŸ˜‰

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