Social Media Uptake

Thanks to David Gurteen for sharing an interesting post. What this post is talking about is the things which an organization needs to get right to have the people to get round to using social media tools in the organization. No surprises here. What i found interesting is the one about top management being on board Not so much because of itself, but basically because of something else that it reminded me of.

At KM India, 2009, at Chennai, there was an interesting session about Enterprise 2.0 (i had made a presentation there, and one of these days i could get round to posting that … just blame it on laziness, if you would). One of the people speaking there was my friend Shahnawaz Khan from MindTree. What was interesting about what Shahnawaz talked about was the topic … why people dont quite use social computing within the organization the way they use it outside the firewall. The gist can be described in quite simply (this was probably one of the reasons i remember it, apart from that i found it to be quite relevant, and pointing to spaces beyond traditional KM). This is that while outside the firewall, people are driven by the recognition they get from peers, within the organization there is not much by way of that. So for example, within the organization, people tend to ask … does this help in the performance appraisal, or whether the manager would appreciate participation in this. There is of course also recognition from colleagues but maybe that doesnt count for much because hey, they would appreciate you if they read your blog outside the firewall too, and anyway, they would appreciate it even if they read your blog outside the firewall.


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