KM Tomorrow?

There is quite a bit of discussion happening around the way KM could change in the future. Maybe we are at a point where such a change is necessary? I dont know, but the feeling is yes, there needs to be change, probably from the content-centric view of KM to the people-centric vie of KM (call it social KM if you will, but the idea is the same). While this is being talked about for some time now, i suppose around now, there is more and more of an understanding among the KM community that such a change is going to happen, and there are quite a few knowledge managers wondering how they are going to be impacted by this change.

I came across a nice, short (which is something i usually dont do) post by my friend Dinesh Tantri on this. So what would this change be like? Something i had read some months back, in a post by Luis Suarez (couldnt find the link … something to be said about search? though if you do find the link, please do post it here) where he mentioned the idea of the Chief Conversation Officer. I had run a poll a few months back asking about the future of KM. I have written about it here. As you can see, large number of people thought that the next big thing in KM would be web 2.0, which means that conversations become more important as web 2.0 tools gather more momentum within organizations. There is also the other aspect of the areas where KM could have a large impact, and these, from what responses to the poll were, could be innovation, or operational excellence. If we agree that this is where the important part of KM would be in the future, then some of the thoughts here (which i had written, commenting on some thoughts from Nick Milton) might be worth looking at, too.

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