The River Analogy


At times you may come across things which may not make seem to be comprehensible at first glance but take a closer look and maybe the connections may begin to appear. Like the connection between Chaos Theory and poetry. Now the connection is something i am still trying to understand, but the lines i found interesting:

The flecked river

Which kept flowing and never the same way twice, flowing

Through many places, as if it stood still in one.

Interesting lines. There are a few thoughts which come from them. I am not talking about the Chaos Theory connection here, but a bit philosophical. One is the parallel of the river with life, and another is how one can create an image of time analogous to the river and ask some questions about their flow.

The river flows never the same as it ever was. Thats recognizing the infinite patterns of nature. It also looks like life. If life be this river, it flows flecked, never the same way twice. Every experience we have is never quite the same as the last time. Similar, but not exactly the same. Like much of nature we see around us.

Another thing which i have been thinking is the flow of the river. Do you call a river that doesnt flow a river? Or does a river get called a river even if it doesnt flow? We have seen that the memory of a river can be taken for a river at times, but thats beside the point. I would think that a river gets its name from the flow of water in the river. Lets now extend this idea to the arrow of time, as Stephen Hawking has talked about. We all know that time flows. But we also know that time is relative which means that as you approach the speed of light, time slows down or, at the speed of light, time comes to a stop. This would mean that to a tourist sitting on a photon time would be at a stand-still. But the question is about the characteristics of time at a stand-still. We all understand time as it flows but when time comes to a stand-still, questions come up. Big question … Do you call it time if it doesnt flow? Or rather, is it even a dimension if it doesnt flow? Or does it cease to exist? Bring it to a stop and you cant think of its existence. Agree or not, let me know. Something to build upon.


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