The Enterprise 2.0 Crock

This is a discussion which occured some time back, but i came across a post (which again is a few months old) which describes something which i thought was something which needed to be shared. One thing which i agree with the post is that e 2.0 is neither a crock, nor the complete solution. The real potential of e 2.0 probably lies somewhere in between, and must be seen in the context of the organizational framework that we see today. When the author says:

From a organizational and cultural perspective, E2.0 is defining a way of operating for companies that reflects the way work is actually accomplished — by peer-to-peer interaction, not through command and control hierarchy. Contrary to your view, E2.0 does not pre-suppose the destruction of hierarchy. Correctly implemented (philosophy and technology), E2.0 provides management a view of the company that is complementary to the organization chart.

This is something which i agree with. And something i have written about earlier. The point is that i believe e 2.0 is not something which is going to do away with hierarchies. Hierachies have a role which is different from the objectives of e 2.0, i think. Hierarchies are meant to ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned to specific goals which need to be shared across the organization. As such, e 2.0 and the structure one associates with it, like communities, people-to-people interactions, and so on, is not exclusive to hierarchy. That over a period of time, the two would interact and influence each other. Hierarchy would influence community, and vice-versa. This is something we have seen in the evolution of social interactions over a period of time, and e 2.0 is essentially social in nature, so there would be no reason to assume that this would be any different. The level to which each would influence the other is something which we dont know yet. And maybe something which doesnt have a definite answer, with the answer being different for different organizational scenarios. What this means is that the structure of communities and hierarchies would, probably, be different for different organizations, depending on where they are now, and how the interaction between the two develops in the organization.

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