A Boy

This is the story of a little boy. A boy like other little boys. He lived in a little house, with his family, and with love. A little boy, content with his toys, his mother’s lap, and playing with his father. Where was the need for anything more? And then, one day it happened. They were going on a vacation. He was going to visit his grandmother for the summer vacation. Two hours in a plane. And two months of holidays.  Oh, sheer pleasure. The flight was a routine flight. Early in the morning, but for a change he wasn’t complaining about having to wake up. In the flight, he really enjoyed himself. They gave him sweets, and loads of attention.

There was then a moment. A moment when one looks outside oneself. One such moment was when he saw the horizon looking to the west, the sky stooping to kiss the sea. And then he looked to the east. The rising sun, playing the perfect accompaniment. He was thoroughly enchanted by the sight. It brought to him, visions of worlds. Of worlds he had seen, maybe in a distant past, maybe in dreams, maybe for real. Worlds, nevertheless that he longed to see. To explore, the experience. Oh, how he wished he could fly. He would fly with the gulls, fly away, see all the worlds that the good Lord had created.

Maybe these were simply fantasies of a little boy. Or maybe, they weren’t?

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