Scientific Harmony

The two words arent usually used together, which is probably why writing like this is important. This comes from something interesting Panditji writes in The Discovery of India …

Perhaps science has been too narrow in its approach to life and has ignored many vital aspects of it, and hence it could not provide a suitable basis for a new unity and harmony.

Why i find this interesting is because this to me is the one area where science hasnt been able to create too much understanding. Science is seen as a cold study into the phenomenon of nature, where nature is defined essentially as the external. What i find more restricting in the scientific method is the focus on the things happening around us. Rather, i would look to science and the scientific method to answer questions which humanity has asked since time immemorial. Questions like where have we come from, and where are we going. Are time and space really an illusion? If they are, what would a world without them feel like. What are human beings all about basically, and the relation human beings have with each other and the external world. Questions which arent really scientific the way science is defined today, but questions which are asking for applying the scientific method to find answers. In other words, science needs to be about answering questions which humanity is plagued with, and not just restrict to finding answers to physical or external phenomenon. Only then can science truly look to advance humanity towards development.

As i was writing this, interesting how i came across a post by Sonnie Santos about Spiritual Intelligence. What i am referring to is a comment which Sonnie mentions too. This comment talks about how science, in the current state of development, isnt answering some of the questions which mankind has been asking for a very long time. How to live is the question posted there, but there are other questions which come up too. Like who created us, why, from where do we come, where do we go. As of now, these questions are left to philosophers, but with philosophy being “un-chic”, these questions are probably not getting the kind of thought they more than deserve. As Einstein said:

I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.

And it is this question which i think is not getting the respect it must. Though i think over the last few years, there is more interest in this search. Probably a reaction to maybe a century of going in the other direction? Or just a search for a harmony which can come from a humane approach, rather than a purely rationalistic one?


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