Formal or Informal Training

An interesting comment by Jay Cross

Formal learning is where the outsider sets the curriculum: class, workshop, course, lectures, etc.

Interesting thought. It gives a different perspective to looking looking at formal vis a vis informal learning. By this definition, informal training would be where all of these are defined by the participants. This could be done in the form of a community, emerging from what people feel they need to learn. This is quite different from the formal definition as you can see. But this has to be in synch with the overall requirements of the training. Which means that somewhere the objectives of the training need to be defined at an organization level. While this is true, this need not necessarily be done formally. Rather, this could get done through a number of means, including HR objectives for people, project scope, and the appraisal system, with the people deriving from here what they require to either do their work well, or to grow as individuals.


2 Comments on “Formal or Informal Training”

  1. Jay Cross says:

    Yes, but it’s all a matter of degree: how much formality and how much informality?


    • thoughtsandme2004 says:

      thats really the question, Jay. i suppose there cant be a single answer to this, though, with every scenario or requirement having a different answer which means a different mix, do you think?

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