The Buzz About Buzz

Theres a lot of buss about buzz … thats google buzz. I havent really tried it. Yes, have seen what its about, but not really used it. You know, using a social networking tool is about the network. So unless you have a network, and are able to have conversations with the network, you cant really tell. Which is why i posted the question to my network on facebook. Would they use buzz? The answer was overwhelmingly nay! Interesting … Not usual that any product gets such responses one way or the other.

Which is why i thought the question would be something which probably needs to be answered by a larger audience. Which is why i created this poll.

Do take a moment to post your opinions. It would probably go some way in helping us find whether scale matters for social networks, or whether the depth of the network is a concern when you want to move platforms … no, thats not just a rhetorical question, but rather, a question which i am trying to understand. What do people care for more … the user experience, or the network.

5 Comments on “The Buzz About Buzz”

  1. b says:

    the poll is abt Wave and the blog abt Buzz

  2. thoughtsandme2004 says:

    oops … thanks for pointing!

  3. b says:

    the biggest barrier is migrating my existing n/w onto buzz from f/b. Google has created buzz when they already have orkut. im able to integrate gmail contacts/ blogger/picassa onto buxx but not my orkut pics or friends?

    Plus they really need to work on the interface – the fonts, the colors and the looks. Minimalist GUI works on Google Homepage and Gmail but not on Social Networking pages..

  4. thoughtsandme2004 says:

    guess the gui needs to be rich for a social network context? but maybe first they need to get more functionality in place? i agree with you though that agood gui makes discovery that much simple.

  5. […] was a poll i had posted recently here. While this was a poll i had posted to find what you think about Buzz, an interesting thing came […]

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