Top KM Areas Poll

There was a poll i had posted here recently. What i was trying to do was to find out which are the things you think are important as initiatives for KM going forward. What came out of the poll is not actually very surprising, though there are some thoughts which i feel we need to look at.

To begin with, the most important areas of KM seem to be communities and social networking. Social networking got 14% of the votes, while communities got 12% of the votes. What this means is that knowledge managers are coming around to understanding the utility of connecting people, whether it be through communities or through social computing. That there is value which can be unearthed through connections that people develop. This can actually be seen by the way knowledge flows in social networks like facebook, linkedin or twitter. Another thing here seems to be though that blogging seems to be something which is not as high on the priority list as one would have thought. Each form of blogging got 8% of the votes, but then, the finding that blogging doesnt to be so popular could also be because i had divided blogging into different forms, more or less for different audiences. If we look at blogging as an aggregate, on the whole blogging (including micro-blogging) 40% of the votes. What this means is that experience sharing, informally writing, tweeting is something which people feel is a very important part of knowledge-sharing, but that going forward, there is the need to have discovery of knowledge, including blogs, easier than the way it is today, and one of the ways for this is through people connections.

What is surprising (actually, at first glance, not so surprising, but let me explain) is that search enhancements dont seem to be high on the priority list. This is probably based on the fact that most organizations already have some form of search implemented. Having said this, a number of organizations also find that search the way it is implemented today doesnt necessarily meet the requirements of users. What this means is that while search is there, users need a better search experience to be able to easily locate more relevant content on corporate repositories. But knowledge managers dont seem to be thinking about this as a priority. Maybe because we arent thinking from the users perspective?

What about wikis? Why i have segregated them into team wikis and enterprise wikis is because from what i have found, a number of organizations have found larger success in adoption with team wikis than enterprise wikis. I have written about this before.

In a nutshell, blogs 40, social networking 14, and communities 12, seem to be the top priority parts which seem to be on top of the priority list. Does this come as a surprise to you?

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