India Thoughts

This is another one based on some thoughts which came to me as i am reading The Discovery of India. Something Panditji wrote about the people of India:

I felt they had vast stores of suppressed energy and ability, and I wanted to release these and make them feel young and vital again. India, constituted as she is, cannot play a secondary part in the world. She will either count for a great deal, or not count at all.

First of all, its interesting to see Panditji’s foresight. Something we are getting to see today, more than half a century after independence, as India takes centre-stage in matters of the world. Today we are seeing the stores of energy, ambition and vitality which are displaying themselves as a fresh burst of activity in a diverse set of areas across the spectrum of human activity. The last decade or so has shown this.

However, the point to look at here is that it took around half a century to reach there. To what extent was our socialist economic framework responsible for this delay, i wouldnt be able to say (not being an economist, but inviting students of economics, and of India to comment their thoughts), but i do believe that large amount of the infrastructure developed in the early days as an independent nation is playing, and i believe will continue to play a vital role in this resurgence. Whether it be the mega steel plants, shipyards, or the railways or the postal infrastructure, or IITs, i believe this has played an important role in powering us to where we are. Though i do believe we stretched it a bit, and maybe some of the changed brought about by Dr. Manmohan Singh, for example, could have been maybe done a decade earlier. But then, i am speaking with the benefit of hindsight, and hindsight is always 6/6, so dont mind me.

3 Comments on “India Thoughts”

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  2. gundeep sheena dua says:

    Atul, totally agree that today, India takes centre stage in the matters of the world but I think the real change will truly come when India has 100% literacy rate (or near about) and when the rural polpulation is able to stand upright in every stature. The progress that we all see today is more on the surface level, the real progress will actually take place when we are able to penetrate knowledge to the root levels. That remains to be seen how may decades it takes us to reach there !

  3. thoughtsandme2004 says:

    agree with you, Sheena. the question we need to answer now is how centrstage can be shared by all the people.

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