Buzz Poll

There was a poll i had posted recently here. While this was a poll i had posted to find what you think about Buzz, an interesting thing came up. I could think up three options for the poll … certainly, never, and dont know. But there was another option which i understood could be a big option in people looking at Buzz as the social network. This was pointed to me by a number of friends, and this refers to the exit barriers from the existing social network.

Looking at the results of the poll, they arent surprising. The option selected maximum (39%) was they you would like to use Buzz, but then starting up a new social network is something which isnt quite easy. To begin with, there is the familiarity with the existing social networking platform. While this would be seen as a change management issue, in social networks, where ease of use if of very high importance, this is no small issue. I look at it in a way that since social networks help us to connect with friends, they also help us to discover things which otherwise we may not know about. For example, a friend may post a link or a status from which one might learn a bit. And to enable this discovery, ease of use is quite important.

But more important is that a social network is about people. So, if you have your friends on your social network on a particular platform, then one thing you may think about is that a new social networking platform may not be worth it unless your network is there on the new platform as well. So, unless your network is adopting the new platform, there really is no point you using the new platform, because the network wont be there. Exit barrier, would you say?

This is why the results of the poll arent surprising with 39% of the opinions being about these exit barriers, which is more than the Certainly (19%) and Never (18%) put together. So more people may not move to a new social networking platform because of the basic reason … the network. Which is to be expected, after all the social network is about just that … the network.


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