Corporate Learning

An interesting post by Jeanne Meister about what corporate training means for you in 2010. There are some thoughts which i thought were important to the corporate training scenario. Some of those that stand out from the responses that Jeanne has written about are:

  • Relevant to organization needs (or the link between corporate strategy, beahviourial change and learning points.
  • Experiential
  • Behaviourial change agent
  • Result focused

Its not quite difficult to see why these are important with respect to corporate training. It needs to meet some organization needs which come from the corporate strategy, and this can be done by linking the learning points with the strategy. In other words, training must be result oriented.

Having said that, most of the things we read there have been around for a while. Training professionals have been talking about these for some time now. But it seems this still hasnt happened? Do you think it has? Please do leave a comment. Quite a few organizations still look at training from PTD (Person Training Days) point of view, and not really how this links to corporate needs. One issue of course is that there is no direct linkage between training and the outcomes. I have written about this before, with what i call the swimmer’s dilemma. How does one measure the effectiveness of training? On the other hand, though, relevance is something which is very important. Relevance to the organizations needs, to the peoples needs, and to the needs of projects. Though the thing is, these are not always coinciding. For example, what your project manager thinks you need training on, you may not agree. And this is where i think there needs to be greater synergy between training and KM.

What i am basically saying is that formal training is something which is well … formal. And then there is the informal learning, which is where social media and the network can deliver value. This is where i think there needs to be greater synergy between these two functions, and the two need to build upon each other.

Another aspect which seems to be coming centre-stage is experiential. While previously the assumption was that if you broadcast some content to people they will all be able to absorb them, and that too equally or similarly, this thinking seems to be changing, with the relevance of context to the learning process being understood well. Which means that we are understanding that by experiencing the things which a training is trying to impart, people find it easier to integrate them to their existing view of the world, and this helps them to assimilate them.

Though the thing is, i couldnt come up with five words myself … Only four:

  • Experiential
  • Outcome-oriented
  • Relevant
  • Extended Learning Engagement

Though the last one isnt completely training related, but something which i think is important to actually build the learning experience, and is somewhat related to experiential.

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