Recently we were doing an exercise which included getting data frmo a number of people from different parts of the country, collating, updating the data on a regular basis. What this meant was that there were a number of emails going back and forth, which had excel attachments with the updated data. After a few days, and a number of such mails, i was confused as to which excel has thelatest data.

This is something which a lot of people would see sometime. And this is where wikis can play a role. Instead of updating files and emailing them to people, what one could do is, maintain data on a wiki page. This way, the wiki is the one place where the latest data is available. You dont need to try to guess which version of the file has the updated data. All you have to do is to look at the wiki, and you know the picture. Assuming, of course, that everyone is updating the pageas they should be. With the wiki, you go to one place, one url, update whatever you need to update, and save it, and the updated data is available to everyone who needs it. You dont need to send files as attachments (just send the link) and you also dont need to search through email to try to find the mail with the attachment you should be looking at. In this way, wikis can be used to bring the idea of co-creation of content for day-to-day work.

One Comment on “Wikis”

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