Social Commerce

Heard on twitter … @rwang0

social commerce isn’t b2b or b2c.. those things go away. it’s ulitmately P2P =)

Why i found this interesting is because this describes the way things are especially when you are trying to sell to consumers. Not that this is a recent phenomenon. This has been going on maybe from the days of grandmother’s grandmother or maybe even earlier. Hmm … which shop do you get fresh vegetables? Which shop gives the best fish? To more recent times, people exchanging thoughts about what they thought about a particular store they went to, or about a holiday destination, an airline, and so on. So what is the difference? The scale, i think.

In earlier days, one would be able to share these kind of inputs with a few people. Now, we are able to do this, using tools like blogs, microblogs, social networks, and son on, with a large number of people. But has the fundamental concept changed? I dont think so, and as Ray says, its ultimately P2P. People-to-People is where the marketing happens, and hence, this is where marketing people need to focus their messages. How? Simple. Give the consumer the kind of value they would like from your products or services. Now value is a rather nebulous term, and i wouldnt want to go into a discussion about value here, so i would leave you to choose the way you would want to look at it.

Bottomline, old wisdom … a happy customer would bring you more happy customers. An unhappy one would turn away quite a few. And your brand positioning can only take you so far. I dont really remember where i heard that, but even so … it does make a bit of sense. The question the organization then needs to answer is, what kind of customers would they like to make happy? What kind of customers would they like to attract, and which are the customers they really arent bothered about.

And in this sense, looked at closely, even before e-commerce, there was s-commerce.


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