Bombing …

Not a topic which tells you what the post is about. Thats because this post is about quite a few things. Some relevant, some maybe not so. To begin with, this post is about terrorism. To add to that, this post is about what happens when you are the terrorized.

Pakistan has been at the receiving end of terror for some time now. Some estimates say that Pakistan loses more people to terror than India does. But those are just numbers. The true story, the human story starts where the numbers end. Whoever did this, by bombing the shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh, has bombed the house of God. Is this something any society should be proud of? Are these people the fidayeen who shall eliminate the enemies of Islam, as they like to call them? Whether they be Hindu, Christian, Jewish, belong to any race, any civilization … heck, maybe martians, too? Or are these the jihadis?

And this is a question which Pakistan must ask itself. This is a question, the answer to which is important for not just Pakistan, but for the entire subcontinent itself. If you look at this scenario closely, it reminds of one of the Sherlock Holmes adventures … The Speckled Band. And this is the point. There is an article which talks about Haji Hanif Tayyab being outraged at banned groups working under new names. There is also mention of how the JuD has links with terrorist organizations, and hence funding must be withdrawn.

And this is where one needs to stop and wonder. How many years ago India mention this? How many times has India taken this up with government of Pakistan? How many times has Pakistan been reminded by India of the terrorist nature of some organizations? Whats interesting is how these organizations were welfare organizations as long as bombings, attacks, were happening in India, and then, overnight, they became terrorist organizations when there were attacks in Pakistan. Which is why it is important that the powers that be in Pakistan sit up and look deep at the sources of this terror, and whether the establishment there is in some way encouraging these terror groups in the hope of creating unrest either in India, or in Afghanistan. For example, a recent report by LSE which claims that the Taliban are supported by the ISI. There are statements to this effect by American authorities as well (ok, cant seem to find them, but remember reading them in the newspapers, so if you have links, please leave them as comments).

Bottomline, terror is terror, whether you are at the receiving end or not. And it would be important to find out how and whether the government of Pakistan reaches this conclusion, and if they do, where do they go from there. They need to understand that whatever form of terror they export, can come back to them. For, after all, terrorism has one enemy … humanity. And it knows no boundaries, whether of nation, religion, or of any form.

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