Process Outsourcing Imperatives

Interesting post by Lakshman Pillai … some of the imperatives for the BPO industry. True, the BPO industry from India has changed the game for process outsourcing globally. But the point which Lakshman is making, and something which people from BPO industry acknowledge too … that the Indian BPO industry needs to move up the value chain. Cost pressures are high … salaries are going up, porobably quality isnt going up to catch up with the salary. There seems to be a gap in the skills available and skills required, and this is not just a hiring problem.

This is why i feel that Knowledge Management, and Training are two areas which are high importance for the BPO industry. To begin with, because of the very nature of the work that the industry does, there is a kind of framework which can be evolved for KM in the BPO industry. Such a framework needs to take into consideration the fact that the users of this framework are measured based on not just how quickly they close a call, but also how many calls they close. This means that time is at a premium, and scope for searching and looking for content on a KM platform may be low. What this means is that KM must be made relevant to the requirements of the transactional context that the user is working on. This means that the level of detail with which knowledge needs to be presented is high, and needs to be accurate with respect to relevance and transactional context. At the same time, KM platforms must be integrated with the tools which people are using for their day-to-day work. Another area which i feel could be of value in a scenario like this is a social networking platform, connecting people and their work context, again in a way which makes the context quite apparent.

An interesting thing that Lakshman writes:

Looking at the growth of companies, it is impossible to deliver learning through traditional training model. Innovative and scalable learning platform can facilitate competency management through personalized and continuous learning.

Interesting thing about how difficult it is to deliver training through traditional models. To begin with, getting people away from their job for a few days and putting them into a classroom may be much more than a team lead or a program manager may be able to give. Combine this with the scenario that the learning requirements of different people, even if working on the same thing, are different. More often than not, these differences come from the different skill levels people are at, and also from the differences in their contextual understanding. Wherever they come from, point is, these are important aspects which training professionals need to understand, and make sure tto build up training framework keeping these in mind. One aspect of the training framework could be e-learning. Another is to leverage the social aspects of learning to create extensions to the learning process. As i have written before, that is an area which needs to be considered important in terms of developing greater effectiveness of training.


One Comment on “Process Outsourcing Imperatives”

  1. lakshmanpillai says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. It is good to link related knowledge and experience for providing better insight for the readers.

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