Web2.0 and E2.0

Coming back to a topic which has been much written about, and much discussed, i can almost hear you asking why i would want to add to the already voluminous work which has been written about the topic. The reason why i thought i would write one on this is because there are a few thoughts i have, coming across writings about, especially about E2.0 which are going in a direction which i cant understand.

What i am referring to here is that i am seeing more and more references to E2.0 as being a technology architecture, and this, i feel, takes away from the very idea of E2.0 … what i feel is that E2.0 need not be about technology. Its about people, at the same time, its about organization structures. In other words, E2.0 needs to focus on the interactions between people and organizations, on the role people play in organiaztions, and how interactions between people, and interactions people have with the business environment of the organization, including processes, hierarchies and so on, and how these contribute to the functioning of the organization.

Technology here needs to be the enabler. While that is cliched, i would also add that that may not necessarily be so. Technology, in addition to being an enabler, can also be the starting point for developing new ways of working. For example, the idea of E2.0, of getting people from across the organization together on a virtual platform, leveraging knowledge from people across the organziation, across the organization hierarchy, to streamline the value chain and deliver greater value to value chain participants, originated from the web 2.0 technology which has emerged over the last few years, and has led to whole new ways of collaborating and working which we are seeing changing the way organizations work, and, from the discussions we are having, the way organizations could be structured in the future.


5 Comments on “Web2.0 and E2.0”

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  3. link says:

    ok how is this supposedto mean?

  4. thoughtsandme2004 says:

    that technology is the enabler, while e2.0 goes beyond technology?

  5. […] Look at it carefully, and it seems we are rediscovering something inherent here. Why i say rediscover is because these reminded me of what i understood of Enterprise 2.0, as an organization form rather than the technology which enabled, in some ways necessitated the change in the form of the organization. These discussions were happening not too long ago, something i have written about before. […]

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