Why Knowledge Sharing

The other day, I couldn’t find my laptop charger. As someone who believes that a laptop breaking down isn’t altogether as lousy as folks make it out to be, was a little worried about some stuff I had to complete. Well, the question was, how does one find a charger.

Step 1 … Start thinking about where you last saw it. As it happened, the last time I remembered seeing it was two days before, at a meeting. Hmm … So maybe I left it there? Called them up, no charger. Suddenly, there was a brainwave. Me and a colleague were wrapping up around the same time, and we were carrying similar looking bags. Maybe I put my charger in her bag? Improbable, but just to make sure, called and woke up a colleague who actually happened to be on leave that day. Ouch. Tried to find at a few other places I had been to, but no charger.

Step 2 … Try to find out how to get another charger. Having found that out, also found that the charger would take five days.

Step 3 … Tell colleagues that I have misplaced the laptop charger. By now its been two hours.

And that’s when a colleague tells me the charger is with security.

As it turns out, had left my charger at the office, and didn’t remember it. But the point is, by asking, I would have not have those two hours looking for the charger. And this is where knowledge sharing is so important. Need something? Reach out to people, not necessarily only the ones you think can help you, but to a larger audience. Never know where you might find the solution.


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