Secret of the Unicorn

Quite enjoyed the movie … Te animation is brilliant, the effects amazing. Overall, a nice movie to watch, and a movie I would recommend to anyone who would ask. This was a movie we were looking forward to for months. And the movie was worth the wait.

There are a few thoughts I had about the movie, though. You know what? I women’s feel that cartoon characters, when brought into a somewhat human form, takes away part of the mystique around the character, which is a part of the persona of the character, which we give to it through our imagination. The were a few more things. One, the story wasn’t quite close to the original comic. There’s no sea voyage in the comic, and Tintin already knows Capt. Haddock, while in the movie they seem to meet for the first time on the Karaboudjan, which is a name you will find in another Tintin comic, though I can’t remember which one. Another thing which I thought was that to the best of my understanding, Capt. Haddock was English. He is descended from Sir Francis Haddock, and lives at Marlinspike Hall. In the movie, though, he was speaking with a continental accent, while one would have expected an English accent (though I am told by some that he was Scottish).

All in all, an enjoyable movie, and would recommend it. Ok, time to get back to the comic.

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