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Been a while … Not sure whether it was writer’s block, or whether nothing was able to overcome my natural lethargy. I think its the latter, for, one has to be a writer for writer’s block to occur. Be that as it may, ex-boss, friend, and educationist, Prithwis Mukerjee share this link. I found it quite a nice read. The article gives you an understanding of how well schools in different cities are doing. A nice way to foster collaboration within the education system.

Be that as it may, there are a few things i wasnt too convinced about, with the survey. One of the things which stand out are:

“There’s more. Even the top schools exhibit rote learning. They have not been able to display the analytical skills that were expected of students of such top schools,” he explained. 

Serious malaise in the education system? Maybe. I am not one to comment on the broad spectrum of schools in a country as vast and diverse as India. On the other hand, there seems to be some sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy thing with this. Look at it this way … surveys that are run like these, are exam-based. What this means is that as part of the survey, children are probably given a test, and their performance defines whether the school is teaching its students well or not.

And this is where the fallacy comes. A malaise of the education system we are seeing is that there is too much focus on education, far less focus on learning. Schools, parents are more focused on how well the children do in the exams, rather than on whether they actually learn something or not. This means that in a survey like this, schools which focus on rote learning, on the exam-centric form of education will, by definition, outperform schools which might be focusing on learning.

7 Comments on “About Education …”

  1. prithwis says:

    when the joy of learning is replaced by the craze for admissions, education takes a backseat

    • thoughtsandme2004 says:

      Agree, Prithwis da. Like, with mathematics, the beauty of mathematics is lost to the method for solving problems.

  2. Devasish says:

    Agree with you Atul.
    Yet, the survey hinted at many a thing about education system in subtle ways. I personally have felt Eastern region to be a laggard in performing in All India competitive exams of all sorts and yet when I interact with school going kids I find many of them pretty bright.
    An important point in the article is in the first line and probably that is where the author has given the first subtle hint about education system in India.

    • thoughtsandme2004 says:

      That’s there, Devasish. Have been surprised how few of out classmates were from eastern region, and its not that BHU is unknown to Bengal.

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