Training …

Was conducting a training last week … After quite a while. This was a leadership development program for senior managers. When conducting programs like these, for people with ample experience, a training program cannot follow the usual one-way flow of information. Rather, in programs like these, the program needs to be more a conversation. This is because a conversation helps to develop concepts by building on the experience of the audience, and helps them connect new learning with their experience.

To facilitate this, I usually ask participants to come out from behind their desks, and put their chairs in parts of the training room where they can feel more comfortable, and which helps them to interact better. What I see is that when people do come out from behind their desks, they usually tend to draw a line between them and the trainer. Why I say this is because people tend to bring their chairs up to the first desk, and not beyond. This suggests a sort of invisible line which seems to be there in our minds, between the trainer and the participants. Somehow, I feel, an effective trainer, when working with experienced people, is one who can diminish the line.


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  1. It is so amazing and good…

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