Stories …

As i am writing this, i am watching an animated movie … Alice in Wonderland, with my son. Not qute sure who between the two of us is enjoying it more though. And this got me thinking. When we were children, folks at home were distressed about the prevalence of comics which were distracting us from reading books, just as now we fret over how TV has taken over the lives of children and is distracting them from some good reading.

Well, fact is, earlier, folks had books, and they read them. Then books got distilled into comics, and we, as children, read them (though not only as children … Quite a few of us read them even now), and learnt quite a bit from them. I remember some really happy times reading Amar Chitra Katha, which introduced us children to the rich beauty of mythology and of history. And today, i feel, movies, especially animated ones, are quite an effective introduction to history, mythology, and heritage. After all, animation adds to the rich beauty of the stories, and makes the stories enjoyable to an audience of children. Till then, a very happy unbirthday to you …

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