Changing Face of College Education …

I had written earlier about how technology is changing the face of education. Besides, theres plenty written on the topic, so theres not much point is me writing more. Having said that, though, not much has been written about what could be the new face of education. I came across a blog which i thought was a bit different, in that it spelt out the changes which we could see. There are three things which the blog says:

1. Most initial level teaching at university level will be done through online presentations.

2. Learning and assessment will be more social.

3. Teaching will happen in very different ways.

I believe the teaching of classes is something which universities could look at changing quickly. Instead of professors teaching the same courses year after year to different students, the teaching could be more technology-enabled. This means that:

1. Theoretical aspects of courses could be video recorded, with the professors providing the content, and presenters presenting that content to students. This way, professors get much more time to do things other than teaching the same content again and again.

2. Professors could use this time to better engage their students through coursework. What this would mean is that instead of teaching classes, professors could develop assignments, design comprehensive project work, moderate discussions, answer student questions, run quizzes, referee peer assessment, all this without taking any extra time to their working day. All of these could be done in a social form.

In other words, students would collaborate to learn, and professors would:

1. Provide theoretical inputs through online classes.

2. Create learning environment.

3. Facilitate the learning process.

This means not just that the profile of the teacher could change, but this also means that the way students study, learn, and are evaluated, could change. And the learning structure would change, from being teacher-centric, to being student-centric.

3 Comments on “Changing Face of College Education …”

  1. Good thoughts. The research has been there for years. Would be great if ‘researchers’ finally practised what they teach!

  2. Well put, Susan. 🙂 maybe start with folks researching education?

  3. […] as a separate component from the teaching of theoretical concepts, something i have written about earlier. This could change the way college education is delivered, while at the same time addressing the […]

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