Conversation Context

If you are on WhatsApp, you are probably on a host of groups, which you have, in all probability muted. Ever seen a pattern in the conversations in these groups? If someone started a group, and you connect with old friends after say 20 years, the first few days are about exchanging notes, and reminiscing about old days. After that the lull comes in the conversation, and this is when most groups become about forwarded messages or jokes.

Friends from college have a group, which is the place for college-style conversations. After a while, the conversations turn towards politics, and discussions about the world, pretty much the way it used to be back in college (boys don’t grow up, remember?!). However, due to a number of reasons, we decided to start a separate group about political/intellectual debates. Yes, intellectual indeed, even if I myself say so. Over time, the original group, which all of us are still members of has become a group for forwarded messages.

The reason is simple … context. No conversation can happen between two people without some modicum of a shared context. Take the context away, and the conversation can’t last. As college friends, we have gone different ways in our lives. However, there is a strong shared context of our time together at college, but beyond that, the shared context is that of the world around us. And hence, these are the two topics on which conversations can sustain.

In other words, context is key.

Bear and Militants

They say help could come from places you didnt expect. For those who missed this, two militants didnt think much about bears, or encroaching on what the bear called home. Read this, and you will get the drift. Well, something for all to learn from … dont mess with them. They may look cute, but they are not, not if you encroach on their space. Now, the same could be said of the Indian Army. Ask the girls who used to go ga-ga over the young men from IMA, hanging out at Mussoorie, or Dehradun, and thats what you would get (no, probably not the way it was maybe 20 years back, but nevertheless …). They may look cute, but they arent so, if you mess with them, encroach on their space.

For this, i guess, the Army got some valuable help from the bear, who wasnt going to bear with any not-so-beary business from these militants, guns or no,┬áhe didnt even give them the time to poke those guns at him. Hmm … this is interesting. The fauna have decided that they arent quite happy with non-indigenous people trying to walk into their lair, and they are going to do something about it. And that too, messing with one of the fiercest ones around. Of course, militants still have the choice of trying to mess with the Gir Lion, or the Royal Bengals, or the Pariyar Elephants, but unlikely they would get any different reception from these members of royalty, so they probably shouldnt even try. Go, wildlife … get them!